• 四層過濾,去除99.9999%的細小物質,囊腫,微粒,沉澱物等
  • 速溶淡水
  • 保質期5年
  • 無雙酚ABS
  • 每隻吸管可以淨化至少1500升水 















2x Purewell 戶外過濾淨水吸管 功效99.9999% Personal Water Filter Straw

$36.00 一般價格
  • Purewell Outdoor Water Filter Personal Water Filtration Straw Emergency Survival Gear Water Purifier for Camping Hiking Climbing Backpacking

    • 【Fresh Water Instantly】: Purewell Filter Straws are a perfect aid for emergency situations. It's necessary when camping, hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, trekking, backpacking, biking, boating, car rides, outdoor trips and wilderness adventures. Your kit can never be too prepared.
    • 【Easy To Use】: Get down close to the stream or lake and use it to drink straight from the source, or fill your water bottle and insert the filter to start sipping.
    • 【Food Grade Material】: Build out of strong food-grade plastics, manufactured with BPA-Free ABS, very safe, filtration accuracy is 0.01 microns which can provide you with a reliable source of pure drinking water at any time and anywhere. Especially in an emergency.
    • 【Advanced And Safe Technology】: Outdoor Personal water filter removing 99.9999% of the tiny material, cysts, particulates, sediments. Built with 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane and can absolutely provide up to 2000 liters of drinking water.
    • 【Excellent Customer Service】: We provide one year warranty and 30 days money back, lifetime friendly customer service, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will always to stand to help you.

    Advance Features

    1. Purewell Outdoor Water Filter Straw
    2. 4-Stage Filtration
    3. Instant Fresh Water
    4. 5 Years Shelf Time
    5. BPA-Free ABS
    6. 1500L Capacity

    The first sucked the water should be spitted out.

    Please use clean water as much as possible because the pipe can be easily blocked by dirty water.

    When you finish with your filter, wipe off excess water and store in dry conditions at temperature below 30 ℃