• LUXPRO LP470聚焦LED手電筒具有200Lumens的亮度,
  • 具有3種便捷模式:高,低和頻閃 
  • LP470C裝有3節AAA鹼性電池,為您提供方便。
  • 該手電筒具有平穩的推/拉聚焦功能,並使用CREE XP-G2和S2 LED高級技術。
  • 緊湊,高質量的200流明LED手電筒經久耐用,可發出光滑,寬光束。
  • 它帶有便利的腕帶,並擁有LUXPRO手電筒獨有的TackGrip專利,該功能具有更好的抓地力,不僅可以保護手電筒,還可以保護雙手免受極端因素的傷害。
  • LED手電筒是完美的禮物,非常適合車輛,露營,釣魚,摩托車,兒童,步行,夜間安全,背包,閱讀,戰術,錢包,雜物箱等。
  • 為了更加省心,這款堅固耐用的多用途戰術手電筒還具有令人難以置信的終身保修。


電池數量/大小:3 AAA



LUXPRO 聚焦 LED手電筒 (含電池) LP470 Focusing Tactical LED Flashlight

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  • The LUXPRO LP470 focusing LED flashlight is very bright with 200 lumens and has 3 convenient modes: high, low and strobe. We include 3 AAA batteries that will keep you going for hours. This flashlight features a smooth push/pull focus action and uses CREE XP-G2 and S2 LED premium technology. It’s ideal when high light output and maximum efficacy are needed. The LP470 comes with a limited lifetime warranty so you can sleep easy at night knowing your goodies are covered.


    An all-purpose, handheld tactical security blanket is what you’re getting in the 470. It’s light, fits in your grip and is ready for adventure. It’ll last for hours if you need it to and go wherever you want to go.


    The LP470C comes loaded with 3 AAA alkaline batteries for your convenience. Our compact, high quality 200 lumen LED flashlight is durable, throws a smooth, wide beam. It comes with a useful wrist lanyard and has patented TackGrip which is exclusive to LUXPRO Flashlights, an extra feature for better grip that not only protects the flashlight, but protects the hands from the extreme elements as well. Our LED flashlights are perfect gifts, great for vehicles, camping, fishing, motorcycles, kids, walking, night safety, backpacking, reading, tactical, purses, glove boxes and more. 



    Lumens on High Mode: 200

    Lumens on Low Mode: 70

    Runtime on High Mode: 4h

    Runtime on Low Mode: 5h

    Beam Distance: 120M

    Battery Count/Size: 3 AAA

    Batteries Included: Yes


    * To change the batteries you need to unscrew the end cap and let the battery case slide out. You can then switch batteries and put the case back in.