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最好的USB電纜是隨身攜帶的電纜。 這種3英尺(約一米)長的電纜緊湊,易於攜帶或藏在需要的地方。 這條電纜的一端有一個微型USB連接器,用於平板電腦,電子閱讀器,智能手機和許多無法計數的設備。 另一端是A型標準USB插頭,用於連接USB充電器或計算機的USB端口。


The best USB cable is the one you have with you. This 3-foot (about one meter) cable is compact and easy to carry or stash where you need it. This cable's got a micro-USB connector at one end, for tablets, e-readers, smartphones and a host of devices too numerous to count; and a Type A standard USB plug at the other end, for connecting to USB chargers or the USB port of your computer.

Griffin Charge/sync Cable - USB C TO USB A - 3Ft Black

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