Pilot Bread Crackers are the perfect choice for daytime snacking or a crunchy companion to soups or casseroles. These lightweight but hardy snacks are used as survival rations in pilot emergency kits since there is no cooking, preparation, or rehydration needed—just pop the lid and enjoy! These freeze-dried crackers are known for their 30 year shelf life.


12 Crackers per can. 


Pilot bread is a significant source of food energy in a small, durable, light weight package. Unlike our competitors we are selling our Pilot bread in the smaller #4.11 cans which saves space especially if you are in a crunch for packing stuff for a trip. 


Pilot bread tastes good paired with cheese, peanut butter, salami, or dipped in soup or coffee, just to name a few ideas.


Here is some History on Sailor's Pilot Bread for all those who have never heard of it.
Pilot Bread is known by other names such as ship's biscuit and hardtack. The name Hardtack is derived from the British sailor slang for food, "tack". Because it is so hard and dry, pilot's crackers (when properly stored and transported) will survive rough handling and endure extremes of temperature. The more refined Captain's biscuit was made with finer flour.


Many early physicians believed that most medicinal problems were associated with digestion. Hence, for both sustenance and avoidance of illness, a daily consumption of a biscuit was considered good for one's health. The bakers of the time made biscuits as hard as possible, as the biscuits would soften as time went on.


Pilot Bread was even used during the American Civil War and Spanish-American War.

飛行員餅乾 30年保質期 輕便安全 Canned Pilot Bread Crackers, 30 year shelf life

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  • 飛行員薄脆餅乾是白天零食或湯或砂鍋鬆脆伴侶的理想選擇。這些輕便但耐寒的零食在飛行員急救箱中被用作生存口糧,因為無需烹飪,準備或補水,只需打開蓋子即可享用!這些凍乾餅乾的保質期超過30年。




    飛行員麵包以其他名稱聞名,例如船上的餅乾和硬糖。 Hardtack這個名字源於英國水手語“ tack”。因為它是如此的堅硬和乾燥,所以飛行員的餅乾(在正確存儲和運輸的情況下)將能夠經受惡劣的處理並承受極端溫度。精緻的船長的餅乾是用上等的麵粉製成的。