Cheese Blend Powder Certified Gluten 10 Years Food Storage Everyday Meal Prep Large Can

This Cheese Blend Powder is perfect for adding a burst of flavor to your favorite entrees on an everyday basis or for storing in your emergency survival food supply. It is delicious in cheese dips, soups, fondues, sauces, and pasta entrees and, don’t forget, macaroni and cheese! Refrigeration is not necessary, which makes it perfect for adding flavor to favorite entrees or keeping on hand for emergencies. Shelf life up to 10 years.


  • 43 Servings
  • 5, 160 Calories
  • Perfect for Food Storage, Emergencies, Survival, Camping, and Everyday Use!
  • Certified Gluten-Free
  • Up to a 10 Year Shelf Life!  This product expires on Jan.12, 2031
  • Makes delicious Hot Cheese Dip and Macaroni and Cheese (recipes on can label)


Durability of No. 10 Cans

Large, No. 10 cans are an incredibly effective container for storing shelf stable food. Not only are they made from high-grade steel, but they are also airtight and made to survive just about any kind of emergency or disaster. They are pest proof and will keep their contents safe from the elements and any kind of exterior contamination. And, unopened cans will even float.


Empty Cans Come in Handy

Steel cans are very useful once they’ve been emptied of their contents. The high-grade steel used for Augason Farms cans ensures they can be multi-purposed for emergency uses like growing herbs, reserving drinking water, storing prepared foods and leftovers, and protecting currency, important documents, and medications.


Long Term Food Storage

You don’t need an underground bunker to be prepared for the next disaster. An adequate emergency food supply can be assembled and stored just about anywhere, including mobile homes, apartments, condos and motor homes, providing everyone with the ability to shelter in place until the situation improves. Augason Farm’s mission is to make sure that every family in America has the emergency food kits and survival food storage necessary to ensure they can face any crisis situation, anywhere.


奶酪粉 保質期10年 適合食品存儲,緊急情況,野外生存,露營和日常使用 Cheese Blend Powder,3LBS

$38.99 一般價格


    • 非常適合食品存儲,緊急情況,生存,露營和日常使用!
    • 認證無麩質
    • 保質期長達10年!該產品於2031年1月12日到期
    • 製作可口的熱奶酪蘸醬和通心粉奶酪大餐(參考罐頭標籤上的食譜)