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  • 口罩內面被污染時,不要使用
  • 不要用手巾、手纸等圍著口鼻,外面再加口罩
  • 一次性使用,不要洗滌


- KF94 Disinfection Mask
- Protection Ratio over 94% of dust and infection sources from the air (Including CORONA VIRUS)
- 100% Original & Authentic
- Contents: Total 3 pcs packed individually for hygiene purpose!
- 100% Made in Korea
- Premium High Quality
- 4 Layers Protection Filter
- Wire for Nose extra protection
- Soft Earband comfort for all hours of wearing
- 3D Structure for Easy Breathing anti-humid


Efficacy: The respiratory system is protected from harmful particles and infectious substances 
Material name: Outer fabric (non-woven fabric), filter (non-woven fabric), lining (non-woven fabric) intermediate material (non-woven fabric), thread (for fixing) (polyurethane nylon thread) thick (polypropylene coated Layer of wire), ring (plastic (ABS) ring)
Mask Type: Health Mask (KF94)

1. Wear a mask to cover your nose and virtue.
2. Fix the position by fixing the head to the ring.
3. Use two fingers to stretch the clip so that the nose is close to the nose.
4. Cover the entire mask with both hands and adjust it to fit the face while checking for leaks.
※ Be sure to wear the mask in the above manner to maximize the wearing effect of the mask.

Precautions for use:
1. Wrap the respirator with a towel, paper towel, etc. Do not wear it.
2. Do not use if you cannot see the inside of the mask.
3. Do not use in detail
4. Do not distort or modify the surface
5. Do not touch the surface of the mask after wearing it.
6. Wear masks to breathe for pregnant women, aerobic patients, children, the elderly, etc.


韓國原裝進口 KF94/N95 四層防護 防病毒醫用口罩(獨立包裝)KF94 AntiVirus Medical Masks

$7.99 一般價格
  • 韓國

  • 口罩為白色

    外包裝為兩個顏色:藍色 或者 棕色