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這種1/6尺寸.59 mil白色的塑料袋,為您提供一種方便的方式來攜帶購買的商品、食品或者雜物!該袋由高密度聚乙烯製成,堅固耐用,可在使用時抵抗撕裂。不僅其足夠大的尺寸足以容納寬粗的物品,而且其雙提手還確保了快速便捷的運輸。


  • 這款1/6袋厚15微米,用途廣泛,可用於承裝食品或零售物品。
  • 它具有半透明的白色,正面帶有禮貌的印刷THANK YOU文字。
  • 另外,與傳統的紙袋相比,該袋的輕巧塑料結構使其易於打開和包裝物品,從而獲得快速,高效的服務,從而使您的生產線保持平穩運行。
  • 這種塑料袋方便,耐用且多用途。


數量: 10個袋子


寬度:11 1/2“

顏色: 印刷紅色或者藍色



Menu in English:

Provide your customers with a convenient way to carry purchased merchandise by bagging items in this 1/6 size .59 mil white thank you plastic t-shirt bag! Made from high-density polyethylene, this bag is built strong to resist rips and tears while in use. Not only is its ample size big enough to hold bulky items, its dual handles also ensure quick and easy transportation.

Measuring 15 microns thick, this 1/6 bag is versatile enough for use with food or retail items. It boasts a translucent, white color and features a courteous, printed, red graphic on the front that will show guests that you care. Plus, in comparison to traditional paper bags, this bag's lightweight, plastic construction makes it easy to open and pack items for fast, efficient service that will keep your lines moving steadily.


Quantity: 10 bags



Width 11 1/2 Inches
Height 21 Inches
Gusset Width 6 Inches
Color White
Features Thank You Print
Handle Yes
Material HDPE Plastic

Size Standard (1/6)
Style Printed
Thickness .59 Mil
Type Grocery Bags

Take Out Bags
Usage Medium Duty

10x 白色塑料袋 多用途 堅固耐用 1/6 Size .59 Mil White Thank You Plastic T-Shirt Bag

庫存單位: 680569123459
$2.50 一般價格

    • Perfect bagging solution for grocery and convenience stores, bakeries, and restaurants
    • Made from high-density polyethylene to resist rips and tears
    • Dual handles ensure quick and easy transportation
    • Translucent, white color
    • Courteous, printed graphic on the front will show guests that you care
    • Convenient alternative to traditional paper bags